Updates: Delivers Personal Protective Equipments to North Macedonia . . .

Chargement Évènements


  • 2023/04/20
  • 10:00
  • Newyork


History teaches us that people have shed their sweat and blood by being forced to use the strength of their arms and brains to enrich other people without receiving the rewards of their efforts.

Based on the realities of this sad information and on the initiative of the international charitable organization the “Grand Triangle, Inc.”, a global fundraising program is underway to support sustainable development projects in the continent that provided this unpaid labor force that helped to build nations like America.

The objective of this program is to collect fifty-four ($54) billion dollars for the benefit of the countries of these known or unknown people by paying homage to the African ancestors the Ancestral Legacy Program (ALP) in order to recognize the physical efforts and economic realities of the free labor of exploited peoples by societies that enslaved them.

This effort has been carefully considered with the ultimate goal of rectifying this blatant injustice in human history for the benefit of the descendants of this population, and the international charitable organization, “The Grand Triangle, Inc.,” has set up this program to support the communities to which these people belonged.