PINS Club (of Solidarity Investment Programme) The objectives of the Grand Triangle are numerous and important, their achievements require very important that only donations usually can not cover off nature resources, so we set up a form of solidarity productive for the benefit of members and the organization itself, by creating a club where membership is optional. Can be a member of Club as active members of the Greater Triangle.

In associations and NGOs, contributions are generally used to cover operating expenses and expenses for social welfare and solidarity in happiness (wedding, christening, tontine, etc..) As in misfortune (death, illness, etc. .) ROSCAs are '' capital'' of several members given to one member whose turn it is to pick up the'' windfall'' for the realization of his personal and individual project which is often cope with large social spending except in a small business whose success is not always obvious. Some members who benefit from this bonanza in the form of debt, are struggling to repay subsequently undermining the support system that is basically a programmed turns debt.

Most of these NGOs are courting the international institutions specialized in gifts, and only count on them to fulfill their missions and objectives. Without getting in the margin of this traditional formula that has proven the Grand triangle is affirmed in achieving its goals through regular flow of resources based on a productive and efficient activity. Donations received by us in this option would serve to finance profitable and sustainable projects. It's that will help us get our help. In the meantime, we have created a concept under the name Club PINS(Investment of Solidarity Programme) whose members are the shareholders with their own contributions. The club is governed by a statute of a commercial nature See the flyer here et Register here.

To allow as many embrace the concept of PINS Club, worldwide, without the low purchasing power of some is a brake, it was created three levels of participation with the following names: Pins Gold Club (PGO) - Pins Silver Club (PSC) - Pins Platinium Club (PPC) .

A fixed part of the unit amount of the lowest premium is the share value of the participant. Any member or participant in PINS can be a multiple of this value to consolidate its future dividends.

In addition, the positions of jobs are offered in priority to Club members who have the profile and skills, and the extent of their availability. The choice of the company to create is decided on the basis of proposals made by each member belonging to a default virtual club PINS headquartered housed the headquarters of the NGO Triangle Grand. This member can be part of a physical club established in its place when the number of registered members living in this locality reaches the quorum established by the texts that regulate the functioning of PINS Club.

When the level of contributions of members resident in the same locality reaches the capital budget required to achieve the common project that will be the same, with some variations, for all localities where PINSOIS live in sufficient numbers, actions implementation will be undertaken. It will be with the involvement of local members and some members of the seat, with the potential contribution of individuals or companies outside resources so members of the NGO and PINS Club.

When the number of members reaches a certain number, it will be more rewarding established products open to the general public to get them to adhere to paying concepts ensuring the sustainability of the Grand Triangle, which passes through the well-being of its members. It is therefore possible that the NGO creates another company from another dimension to meet its objectives of completion, where equity will be offered priority to members of PINS Club, in addition to benefit from discounts on purchases of Group Club members will have their back office a library consisting of posts and downloads of ebooks of all members, free of charge, and links to interesting sites, in fields as diverse as health, personal development, e-commerce, etc.. And this library is named'' The BIPS'' (The Library of Sharing Knowledge). All information relating to the development of new ideas or initiatives within the Club and more generally of the Organization GT, included in the back office of the members.