Thank you for your generosity

We at Grand Triangle, Inc. thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts to serve our neighboring communities. Your generosity enables us to continue to provide essential services in New York Area and Africa .Our Organization relies on your generous gifts and selfless volunteer service to operate. Many families will benefit from our services. Volunteers will provide hours of service as contribution. To submit your contribution to Grand Triangle, Inc., using Western Union or mail your contribution by sending your payment by checks payable to: Join us in our effort to Develop Programs for :

“Memorial for Africa
Grand Triangle, Inc.
P.O Box 1614 Morningside
New York, NY 10026
Donate By Phone: Tel/Fax: 646-678-4495 Email: info@grandtriangle.org
site : http://www.grandtriangle.org

Grand Triangle’s Online Fundraiser

Welcome, parents, friends, colleagues and the Grand Triangle friends your support is necessary for that we do through the events that we set for 2015. It will also include :
1 /Reversal of Migration Trends Fundraising (Will be a dinner meeting with positive ideas for Africa), ,
2 / Run for Africa is preparing for an intercontinental meeting in September 2015 on challenges of the future .
3 / Memorial for Africa is a cultural historic of events, a meeting of social, development, and economic exchanges. .
The Grand Triangle appeals to set up a revolutionary program for the continent. . Each year a significant number of Africans killed on the road to finding a well-being and social, trying to escape poverty for a better future. The honor of Black people is deteriorating and it is high time that the children of this continent united in burst of pride, get up and decide to change this as a matter of collective awareness and above all the will and dignity. The Grand Triangle appealed to all to face the challenges of the millennium. Thank you for participating in our many fundraising programs online or contact our office at 646-678-4495 all donations will be appreciated. For more information, visit our website at: members@mfa.org
Fundraising Goal: $ 1,000,000. Join us in our aim to make "Memorial for Africa" a phenomenal success with your financial contributions @ Grand Triangle's Online Fundraising at zazzle.com/diakitesenior2